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There is no difference in who started to study first;
the one who achieves accomplishment is first.

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When I used to ask my Sifu for help, I approached him with honest requests, with my insecurities, my uncertainties, and with a yearning to eliminate my inadequecies. I believe that Sifu saw this in my requests for knowledge and whole heartedly offered what ever information he felt I needed at the time. His comments were usually to just slow down and pay close attention. He knew that I would discover the causes of my own ignorance, in time, and through patient training.

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Becker Wing Chun
Wing Chun Ip Man, Prospect CT
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Its most authentic translation is:
"The Eternal Springtime Fist" A common Wing Chun Martial Song: "Wing Yin Chi Ji - Mo Mong Hong Juk - Dai Day Wu Chun" When translated it means: "Always speak with determination, don't forget the Han nation, for we will return in spring." Wing Chun Kung Fu's name is a testament to the fallen Ming dynasty, formed by Ming loyalist who hoped their dynasty would return in spring. Springtime represents being reborn, a return to life. The word “Wing” means chanting, humming or singing. There is also another pronunciation "Weng", which holds a deeper meaning. “Weng” means always, or eternally. Both spellings are representative of this Southern Chinese Style.

“You must know the source of the water from which you drink.”

Wing Chun Grand Master, Si Tai Gung Yip Man

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Wing Chun is a style based on this reality, the 3 dimensions, and the human form as it relates to the experience of time, space and energy. No matter what interpretation stylistically, all families of Wing Chun share the same origin, and general ideas when it comes to combat.
Theories and Strategies of Fighting are nearly all the same. The systems that are the most complete, contain training curriculums for both weapon and empty hand fighting in every range and combat situation.
Wing Chun as an idea, is meant to be expressed in the simplist, most effective and most efficient methods possible.
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Connecticut Wing Chun Channel
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